Teeth In A Day

*actual patient of Mailloux Dentistry

*actual patient of Mailloux Dentistry


Implant-retained dentures are making it possible for more patients to have increased confidence when a dental prosthetic is necessary. The implants help anchor and stabilize the denture so patients are able to chew and converse more naturally without being worried that the prosthetic will dislodge. While the process to make an implant-retained denture can be lengthy, advancements in dental technology are making it possible for patients to have new teeth in one day. Because the dental prosthetic is made ahead of time, the denture can be attached as soon as the patient emerges from having their implants surgically placed.

All-on-4® is an implant prosthetic that typically uses four or more implants to secure the denture. Not all patients are good candidates for implants, either because the bone mass in their jaw isn’t dense enough to securely hold the implant, or nerves and sinuses are in the way. The All-on-4® system places implants on an angle, which alleviates the need for additional surgeries such as bone grafting, ridge augmentation and sinus lifts.

To begin the process of have an implant-retained denture made, Dr. Mailloux will need to work closely with your oral surgeon to comprehensively plan out a collaborate treatment plan. Often patients prefer to take advantage of the partnership that Mailloux Dentistry has developed with West Michigan Oral Surgery, which is located within the same building. Dental records such as photographs, impressions, X-rays and a CT scan are used to build models for the implant denture. An implant-placement surgery date is scheduled while the prosthetic is designed and manufactured at a technical lab—a process that usually takes several weeks.

If you are interested in being evaluated for the All-on-4® prosthetic treatment to have new teeth in a day, please contact our office today at (616) 392-3717 to set up a consultation.